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The No1 provider of Blood Testing Services to Retail Pharmacies

We believe the patient is the heart of our service and that we always put the patient first with our blood testing services Testing service. it is with this in mind that we have formed UK's largest network of pharmacy blood testing clinical partners. Our pharmacy blood drop clinic locations provide a win win for both the patient and the retail pharmacy owner.

See why patients love our service

We Love Blood Drop
  • 24 / 48 hour blood testing result turn around
  • Patients need help in extracting blood samples and struggle from doing it by themselves
  • Patients prefer to get help and advice from their health care professionals immediately
  • Patients get blood testing with zero waiting times
  • No need to take time off work
  • Blood drop pharmacy reports can automatically be sent directly to patients doctors
  • Patients are able perform blood tests from their home and at the pharmacy with all the results and information accessible via a website
  • Patients are able to seek care and advice immediately upon receiving their blood results

Why we are the No1 choice for pharmacy store owners

Blood drop clinic offers your patients a confidential, convenient and comprehensive blood testing service. Our quick and easy finger prick blood tests are capable of evaluating over 30 different healthcare markers within 24 hours – making your pharmacy services both comprehensive, timesaving and a health hub of the community.

pharmacy store owners
  • GP partnership - Reports can be send electronically to the local GP or healthcare provider
  • Every blood test comes with a detailed healthcare report to help patients manage their health based on their blood results
  • Propriety web based patient management software
  • Retain and keep online revenue for all future tests
  • Local marketing provided via google search engine
  • Free re - tests for patients
  • Comprehensive counter staff training provided
  • Results & reports within 24 /48 hours
  • Ability to give special voucher codes to patient for special prices online
  • Detailed reports to help explain blood biomarkers for patients

Great marketing support provided for pharmacist

  • Patient Leaflets
  • Instore video
  • Prescription bag marketing
  • Community Blood clinic marketing flyers
  • Patient services booklet
  • Online digital marketing
  • Google marketing
  • Community Marketing
  • GP Marketing & Patient vouchers

See the many reasons why we are the No1 choice for pharmacy owners

Save patient time and money

Reduce waiting times at GPs / hospitals and time off work

New and recurring revenue

High demand for regular blood monitoring and testing

Service for every customer

Quick and easy clinical service to provide to customers

Increase clinical referral revenue

Build your referrals from local partners in the community

Increase private services revenue

Helps increase private consultations

Increase proactive healthcare income

Promote health and wellbeing proactively in the community

Low investment, high return

High margin clinical services with low risk

Work with accredited and approved labs

Trust and reliability NHS approved labs

Offer more than your competition

Differentiate your pharmacies from your competitors

Receive full marketing support

Online, instore and local marketing

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