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Your blood is tested using the same accredited laboratories, methods and techniques that are used and trusted by NHS doctors, hospitals and private practices across the UK. This means you can be assured your results will be as accurate as those you would expect to receive from your very own GP.

How accurate will my results be?

We ensure the accuracy of your test results are at the highest levels by exclusively partnering with UKAS accredited laboratories. These are subject to strict quality control protocols and independent assessment to certify they deliver high quality analytical performance, patient care and accuracy to the greatest standards.

What is the difference between a ‘Blood Drop’ blood test and one I would get at my GP?

The laboratories we use to test your blood use the same methods and techniques as the NHS. When you have your blood taken at the hospital or local GP surgery, it is usually taken from a vein in your arm and is known as a venous sample. At blood drop, your blood will be taken from your finger and will be known as a finger-prick blood sample. Your blood will be tested using the same methods that would be used on a venous sample. As your blood is being tested by the same methods, it means the only difference with a ‘Blood Drop’ test is the way we collect your blood. Our laboratories use the latest technology meaning both methods lead to results with high accuracy.

Why does my GP require more blood from me?

When you get a blood test at your local GP surgery or at the hospital, they tend to take a venous sample from your arm. This is an effective way in collecting lots more blood than you would using a finger-prick sample and is usually done so that extra blood is available if it suddenly becomes necessary to run additional tests.

However, at Blood Drop, we require smaller volumes of blood that can be achieved using a simple finger-prick blood sample. This is because we only test for predetermined healthcare markers decided by you prior to testing. Regardless of this, our specially designed blood testing kits are able to hold a lot more blood than our labs need.

What happens in if I collect my sample incorrectly?

When taking your blood sample, it is important you read the instruction manual included in your testing kit and follow the steps correctly. Our finger-prick blood tests are fairly simple and easy to use. However, occasionally issues can arise which may stop your sample from being able to be processed. This includes haemolysis of the blood sample which occurs when the finger is squeezed too tightly causing red blood cells in your finger to burst.

What happens if there is a delay in getting my sample to you?

Our specially designed blood testing kits include certain additives which help stabilise and preserve your blood sample until it reaches the lab where it can be processed. Sometimes delivery delays can occur meaning your samples take longer to reach our labs than expected. Fortunately, our labs will be able to notify us if this does occur. In this case, we would communicate with you and send you a new replacement testing kit.

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