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Blood test report

Our reports explain what your blood bio markers mean and how it may effect you and the possible solutions.

Your personalised blood test report

Improve your health - see what's working for your and how to make changes

  • See if your bio markers are in range
  • Assess your general state of health
  • Check if you have an infection
  • See how well certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, are working

Our reports help your track and monitor more

Review with your healthcare professional

Monitor vital biomarkers

Monitor your medication outcome

Monitor the effects of exercise

Better diet management

Measure the effects of lifestyle changes

Our reports are easy to understand and tailored to you

Our reports help you learn more about your health and help you take action

  • We help you understand about bio markers
  • Inform you what may effect your biomarkers
  • Advice on how to improve them
  • Connecting you to our health professionals
  • Helping and guiding you with lifestyle changes
  • Working with your medical advisers and health coaches
  • Introduction and special prices for healthcare services tailored around your needs

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